Property Share To Extend Its Commercial Real Estate Investment Platform To UK Residents

July 14, 2023, London: Property Share, a renowned commercial real estate investment platform, has announced its plans to expand its operations to the United Kingdom. By the end of this year, UK residents will have the opportunity to invest in the platform, following the company's successful acquisition of three warehouses in the UK. The ambitious move is part of Property Share's strategy to increase its portfolio value to approximately £100 million within the next 12 to 18 months.

In a recent media interaction, Kunal Moktan, CEO and Co-founder of Property Share, expressed his enthusiasm for the platform's reception in the UK market. The move has generated substantial interest, attributed in part to the yields being measured in pounds rather than rupees. Comparing the investment returns, Moktan explained, "In India, if you’re receiving eight per cent returns in rupee terms, the equivalent in the UK would be eight per cent returns in pound terms. Moreover, the tenant profile is significantly stronger in the UK, with a 10-year lock-in period compared to a three-year lock-in period in India." The UK's status as a developed, first-world country further adds to its attractiveness for potential investors.

Property Share ventured into the warehousing sector of the UK market in 2022 and has already made a cumulative investment of ₹200 crore. The platform's long-term vision includes replicating its business model in other international markets, with a focus on Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

Since its inception in 2016, Property Share has aimed to democratise commercial real estate investment for normal professional investors, allowing them to invest ₹25 lakh and more in alternative asset classes. Currently, the platform boasts more than 200,000 active users and over 2,500 investors. Its portfolio primarily consists of institutional-grade office spaces, offering attractive in-place rental yields of eight to ten per cent and impressive overall returns of 17 to 20 per cent.

Currently, Property Share manages assets under management (AUMs) valued at ₹1300 crore. The company plans to add another ₹2000–2500 crore in AUMs this year and aims to expand its listed properties on the platform to ₹7000 crore within the next three years.

The expansion into the UK market is expected to further enhance Property Share's position as a leading commercial real estate investment platform, providing UK residents with access to attractive investment opportunities and contributing to the company's global growth trajectory.