UK PropTech Association Membership Approves Merger with The British Property Federation

UK PropTech Association (UKPA) successfully merges with The British Property Federation (BPF). This strategic partnership unites 1,000+ proptech innovators with 400 property leaders, enhancing collaboration and innovation in the property sector.

UK PropTech Association Membership Approves Merger with The British Property Federation
Image: UK PropTech Association / British Property Federation

London, UK - October 2, 2023: The UK PropTech Association (UKPA) has achieved a significant milestone with its membership overwhelmingly supporting a merger with The British Property Federation (BPF). After the merger was first announced in April, it has now received the enthusiastic endorsement of members, surpassing the crucial 75% approval threshold.

This merger brings together two influential organizations from the property and proptech sectors. The BPF, representing nearly 400 property owners, investors, developers, and advisors, is joining forces with the UKPA, a vibrant community of over 1,000 entrepreneurs, solution providers, venture capital investors, and proptech innovators.

The strategic partnership between these two entities aims to foster deeper collaboration and cooperation among property and proptech businesses. The current UKPA Board members and executive team will work closely with the BPF Board to create a unified strategy focused on driving innovation and the adoption of cutting-edge technology throughout the property sector.

While the merger will see the UKPA become a legal subsidiary of the BPF, the association will continue its core activities under its current name. This includes delivering a comprehensive program focused on thought leadership, events, and digital content delivery. Importantly, there will be no changes to the proptech membership structure.

Sammy Pahal, Managing Director of the UKPA, expressed excitement for the merger, stating, "With the resounding support from our membership for the merger with the BPF, we can now forge ahead with our shared mission of aiding the property industry in tackling critical challenges through digital technology. We aim to achieve this by offering enhanced opportunities for cross-sector learning and engagement, with a joint BPF-UKPA program that encompasses knowledge sharing, research, and events."

Melanie Leech, Chief Executive of the British Property Federation, emphasized the significance of this merger, stating, "The amalgamation of the BPF and UKPA brings together two influential and successful brands to create a single, united voice for the property and proptech sectors. I eagerly anticipate working with UKPA members and the team to realize our shared vision for a modern, innovative property sector that harnesses technology to address pressing issues such as decarbonization, delivering exceptional outcomes for local communities."

The merger between the UK PropTech Association and The British Property Federation marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the property and proptech sectors. It sets the stage for intensified collaboration, innovation, and technological advancement, all aimed at addressing the industry's most pressing challenges and improving outcomes for all stakeholders.