India's Bettamint Launches Innovative App to Revolutionise Construction Workforce Management

Bettamint's pioneering app aims to revolutionize construction by empowering informal workers and streamlining operations, gaining industry support and early success within two months of its launch.

India's Bettamint Launches Innovative App to Revolutionise Construction Workforce Management
Image: Bettamint

Bangalore, India | 12th September 2023: Bettamint, a pioneering construction tech start-up, has unveiled its groundbreaking application set to transform the construction industry's engagement with informal labour. With a mission to unlock the vast potential of the informal economy, Bettamint's platform promises to accelerate construction projects while enhancing the well-being and employability of millions of construction workers.

The Founder of Bettamint, Kezya De Braganca, explained that the application harnesses technology to address widespread industry challenges, including labour shortages, low productivity, high attrition rates, and unpredictable quality. The ultimate goal is to empower informal construction workers, turning them into actively contributing, highly motivated participants in construction projects.

Just two months after its launch, Bettamint has already begun generating revenue and is on the path to sustainable self-funded growth. The platform offers construction companies a streamlined interface to digitise their workforce operations, which promises to yield benefits such as increased productivity, improved quality, reduced attrition, and enhanced project timelines.

K2K Infrastructure India Pvt. Ltd., the construction arm of the Prestige Group, has expressed its commitment to Bettamint's vision. According to Noorul Ameen, CEO of K2K Infrastructure India Pvt. Ltd., "Bettamint seamlessly aligns with our vision. Its innovative solution streamlines our operations and empowers our informal workforce with tools and opportunities previously out of reach."

Bettamint's long-term vision extends beyond digitising workforce operations. The platform aims to create a comprehensive repository of valuable data for construction workers, which will enable the development of additional digital products and services, including finance, education, healthcare, and skill development.

While Bettamint's primary focus is currently on India, the platform's scalability and adaptability position it for potential expansion into similar demographics in other emerging economies.

Over the next two years, Bettamint plans to invest an undisclosed amount in multiple phases, initiating operations in several cities, beginning with Bangalore in Karnataka. The platform will gradually expand its reach to encompass the entirety of South India before embarking on a nationwide journey.

Bettamint offers a comprehensive suite of features, including recruitment, identity verification, onboarding, attendance tracking, communication tools, field notes, compliance management, payroll, and payment capabilities. Beyond streamlining workforce operations, the platform's ultimate goal is to improve the lives of millions of informal workers, serving as a channel for various digital products and services catering to this demographic.

Bettamint's innovative application promises to reshape the unorganised construction industry by addressing its longstanding challenges while empowering informal workers and enhancing the quality of projects. The platform's early success and support from industry leaders indicate its potential to revolutionise the construction workforce management landscape in India and potentially extend its impact to other emerging economies.