Pfizer-Backed VitaDAO Community Approves Launch and Financing of Its First Longevity Biotech Company

Pfizer-backed VitaDAO marks a milestone, launching Matrix Biosciences, their first longevity-focused biotech company, aiming to unlock breakthroughs in extending human life. Dr. Vera Gorbunova leads the venture, exploring the secrets of cancer-resistant naked mole-rats.

Pfizer-Backed VitaDAO Community Approves Launch and Financing of Its First Longevity Biotech Company
Image: VitaDAO

New York, USA, October 9, 2023 - Representing a significant development at the intersection of biotechnology and longevity research, VitaDAO, the global online community dedicated to advancing early-stage longevity research through innovative funding collaborations, has proudly announced the launch of Matrix Biosciences. This significant development marks VitaDAO's inaugural venture into the biotechnology landscape and represents a substantial stride toward pioneering advancements in longevity science.

The launch of Matrix Biosciences is the result of a community-wide vote and approval for a collaborative partnership with Dr. Vera Gorbunova, a distinguished biologist and Co-Chair of the University of Rochester’s Aging Research Center, renowned for her groundbreaking work in identifying cancer-resistant traits in the enigmatic naked mole-rat.

Dr. Gorbunova expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership with VitaDAO, stating, "I am looking forward to beginning this partnership with VitaDAO. The funding and support from the VitaDAO community will bring Matrix Biosciences one step closer to delivering groundbreaking treatments that will significantly improve outcomes for our vulnerable aging patient population. While this is a first step for Matrix Biosciences, it is only the beginning of the transformative impact these treatments can have on the lives of individuals suffering from cancer and aging-related disorders."

Matrix Biosciences is poised to explore innovative treatments that hold the potential to revolutionize the lives of individuals grappling with aging-related diseases, particularly cancer. The company's mission begins with a collaboration that establishes VitaDAO as the majority shareholder in Matrix Biosciences. Matrix Biosciences will operate in a centralized manner, providing quarterly reports in alignment with traditional investment structures. This approach aims to demonstrate the seamless integration of blockchain technology within the biotech industry.

Acknowledging the intricate legal landscape of healthcare, both VitaDAO and Matrix Biosciences have taken a proactive approach in collaborating with regulators. This proactive engagement is driven by a commitment to compliance and addressing potential reputational risks associated with the crypto industry.

Matrix Biosciences' mission centers around the study of the naked mole-rat, a long-lived rodent that possesses an abundance of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HMW-HA). This unique compound is believed to harbor properties that are anti-cancer, anti-pain, and pro-longevity. Matrix Biosciences aims to harness these characteristics to develop innovative applications for cancer treatment and age-related diseases in humans. This mission aligns seamlessly with VitaDAO's overarching objective of advancing cutting-edge research in the realm of longevity.

VitaDAO's commitment to advancing aging and longevity research is underscored by its initial funding injection of $300,000 into Matrix Biosciences. Additional financial support is slated to be provided through IP-NFT fractionalization in early 2024. These resources will facilitate the initiation of preclinical studies focused on novel hyaluronic acid-based compounds and the identification of optimal drug candidates.

Dr. Anthony Schwartz, a distinguished figure within VitaDAO, highlighted the significance of this collaboration, stating, "Matrix Biosciences is navigating a complex development pathway commonly encountered by many early-stage companies during the initial stages of drug discovery. Thanks to the collective drug development experience from VitaDAO’s online community and the collaborative nature and expertise of Dr. Gorbunova and the Matrix Biosciences team, we now have a well-designed development strategy in an area that has traditionally lacked the know-how or an established path."

VitaDAO, boasting strategic contributors like Pfizer Ventures and Shine Capital, and a community of over 10,000 members, continues its mission to be a leader in the efficient allocation of resources for aging and longevity research. By harnessing the talent and knowledge of its academic community, VitaDAO remains at the forefront of driving transformative breakthroughs in research pertaining to aging diseases and longevity.