Newcastle University's Biotech Spinout MarraBio Raises £500,000 in Seed for Innovative Protein Tech

MarraBio, a Newcastle spinout from the university, secures £500,000 seed funding for cost-effective bioactive protein alternatives, with support from Maven Capital Partners, Northstar Ventures, CPI Enterprises, and TCS Biosciences, targeting biomedical research and cultivated meat markets.

Newcastle University's Biotech Spinout MarraBio Raises £500,000 in Seed for Innovative Protein Tech
Image: MarraBio

Newcastle, United Kingdom - September 19, 2023: In a noteworthy development within the thriving biotechnology landscape, MarraBio, a pioneering spinout born from the research labs of Newcastle University, has successfully secured £500,000 in seed funding. This substantial injection of capital represents a significant leap forward in MarraBio's mission to revolutionize the realm of protein technology.

Founded in August 2022, MarraBio has embarked on a mission that has the potential to transform the way we understand and utilize proteins. The company specializes in harnessing cutting-edge technology to instruct protein cells to grow in highly specific patterns, a capability with profound implications for research and commercial applications.

MarraBio's unique value proposition lies in its ability to craft alternatives to bioactive proteins, designed to faithfully mimic the functions of conventional proteins. This pioneering approach not only promises to be cost-effective but also extends the shelf life of these proteins beyond the capabilities of existing products.

The company has strategically identified key markets for its innovative protein alternatives. With a keen eye on the biomedical research and therapy sectors, MarraBio aims to expedite the development of new medicines. Furthermore, the company has set its sights on the rapidly burgeoning cultivated meat market, a sector predicted to reach a valuation exceeding £20 billion by 2030.

MarraBio's journey is deeply rooted in over two decades of research, spearheaded by co-founder Professor Jeremy Lakey, primarily focusing on the Caf1 protein. Exclusive licensing rights from Newcastle University have paved the way for MarraBio to harness this pioneering technology, offering the potential to reshape industries heavily reliant on bioactive proteins.

Dr. Daniel Peters, Chief Executive of MarraBio, expressed his excitement about the transformative potential of their work, stating, "We have always been aware of the commercial potential of the research, so it is great that we now have the resources we need to bring products to the market." This recent infusion of funding positions MarraBio to expedite the development and launch of its groundbreaking protein alternatives.

The successful seed funding round was made possible through investments from respected entities in the field, including Maven Capital Partners, Northstar Ventures, CPI Enterprises, and TCS Biosciences. Northstar Ventures, for instance, confirmed its contribution of £126,000 to the seed round, underlining the strong support and confidence from the investment community.

Michael Dickens, Investment Manager at Maven Capital Partners, expressed his optimism, stating, "We're delighted to back our first local university spinout in the region. MarraBio is a pioneering business, and its technology platform is already producing a reagent with proven biological effectiveness for use in cell culture."

MarraBio's journey stands as a testament to the power of academic research translated into entrepreneurial innovation. As they continue to chart their course towards reshaping protein technology, MarraBio is poised to make substantial contributions to industries that are pivotal to our future.