The UK Government Explores Plans to Set Performance Standards For Monitoring EV Batteries

02 May 2023: The UK government is working jointly with global partners to develop new regulations for monitoring the health of electric vehicles. During the Vehicle Remarketing Association’s (VMA) meeting, the proposal to mandate the installation of battery state of health (SOH) monitors on all new electric vehicles was discussed.

In a press release published by The Vehicle Remarketing Association, Abdul Chowdhury, who serves as the head of vehicle policy at the government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) stated, “The UK government has been working with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and other international partners to develop technical regulations on SOH monitors and minimum battery performance standards, and is currently analysing options for adopting these regulations into UK law. The EU is also considering options, and its Euro 7 proposals look set to bring SOH monitors in from July 2025.”

Abdul Chowdhury emphasised the importance of providing data on the health of an electric vehicle’s battery for the used EV market. According to him, as the battery constitutes a significant part of a used EV’s value and performance, it is crucial to offer consumers precise information about its condition to assist them in making informed comparisons between different models and address any apprehensions they may have regarding battery degradation.

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) is exploring other avenues to provide assistance to the used EV sector. One such measure involves offering standardised information about EVs to customers during the point of sale. Additionally, OZEV is striving to ensure that an adequate number of technicians are trained to repair the EVs.

While the UK Government currently has no plans to provide direct financial aid for the purchase of used EVs, all policy options are regularly evaluated. OZEV consistently keeps a close eye on the condition of the used EV market and remains receptive to receive any evidence regarding it.

The UK Government’s joint efforts with international partners to develop new regulations for monitoring the health of EV batteries could have far reaching implications for the used EV market. OZEV’s plans to provide the standardised EV information and adequate technician training underscore the government’s broader strategy to encourage wider adoption of EVs.