Sumitomo Rubber Industries Target Growth In European EV Market With Their Latest Falken Lineup

Kobe, Japan - Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) has announced the launch of a new line of Falken replacement tires for electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe. The Falken e. ZIEX tire is SRI’s second line of replacement tires designed for EVs, after the introduction of the Dunlop "e. Sport Maxx" in China last year. In a recent press release, SRI said, the market for EV’s is becoming the focus of global attention as more people around the world take an active interest in environmental issues.

SRI is targeting growth within the European EV tire market, which has been growing at a rapid pace. China and Europe have been its initial target markets for EV tires, reflecting strong growth trends in both regions. According to the press release by SRI, "as environmental awareness is quite high in Europe, we have high expectations for the future of the EV market in the region."

To cater to the unique requirements of electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe, the e. ZIEX tire has been designed with an innovative rubber compound that utilises Sumitomo's Advanced 4D Nano Design Material Development Technology. This technology enables the tire to deliver enhanced traction and improved fuel efficiency.

In response to new-mobility trends, SRI has also unveiled its new midterm plan (2023-2027) and committed to "redoubling efforts" to develop and produce EV tires. By 2027, the group aims to introduce 'next-gen' EV tires with 30% lesser rolling resistance and 20% lower weight compared to 2019 levels.

SRI's latest announcement is in line with its commitment to environmental sustainability and its efforts to cater to the increasing demand for EV tires. As the world shifts towards a more sustainable future, SRI's focus on EV tires and its efforts to develop next-gen EV tires are expected to play a vital role in the EV industry's growth.