Rimac unveils all-electric Nevera hypercar that can hit 60 mph in just 1.85 seconds

Rimac Automobili, a hypercar manufacturer and high-performance battery specialist from Croatia, introduced the Rimac C-Two concept at the International Geneva Motor Show in 2018. The production-ready iteration of the hypercar was revealed in an official video released by the company this month. Faster than an F1 car, the Nevera features a quad-motor set-up making a total of 1,914 horsepower and 2,369 Nm of torque that takes the electric hypercar from 0 to 60 mph in just 1.85 seconds. The top speed of the car is estimated at 412kph, with the WLTP cycle range rated at 547km on a single charge.

The Croatian automaker Rimac is best known for its all-electric hypercars, especially the Concept_One released in 2013. From one-person garage start-up to global technology specialist, Rimac Automobili is considered one of Croatia’s most successful start-ups and employs more than one thousand people. In recent years, the company has emerged as a supplier for electric vehicle components and is supplying to some major OEMs including Koenigsegg and Aston Martin. Last year, Porsche announced that it was investing in Rimac for a minority stake, and they have since been working together on electric vehicles for the German brand.

Following years of developing prototypes and concept cars, Rimac has unleashed its first full production model, the Nevera. The hypercar features active aero on the underside, front bonnet, rear diffuser and rear wing which can be set to either a high downforce mode or a low drag mode. The Nevera also comes with a new monocoque design with an integrated structural battery pack. The monocoque structure is the largest single carbon fibre piece in the automotive world and weighs 200kg. The H-shaped battery pack is structurally integrated into that monocoque, too, keeping the centre of gravity low and adding to the overall structural stiffness. The 500kW charging system used in the hypercar can charge the Nevera from 0 to 80% in just 19 minutes.

To make sure drivers have control over the amount of power, the hypercar features Rimac's All-Wheel Torque Vectoring 2 (R-AWTV 2) system that replaces traditional traction control (TC) systems and electronic stability program (ESP) to bolster traction and grip. The independent motors allow the hypercar to calibrate the amount of power infinitely and torque sent to every wheel, depending on road surfaces and throttle conditions. The system can make over 100 calculations per second to adjust the torque level for achieving the desired driving style. Additionally, Rimac claims the Nevera’s electric motors are 97% efficient compared to 40% for their internal combustion counterparts and are also maintenance free throughout their operating life.

Rimac has also developed an “AI driving coach” feature for the hypercar that leverages Nevera’s 12 ultrasonic and 6 radar sensors, as well as 13 cameras to optimize and enhance the driver’s on-track performance by providing visual cues and track-specific audio for when to apply brakes, where to turn, and when to accelerate out of a corner.

In addition to the company’s premium individual personalization program for the Nevera, Rimac will offer its flagship in various editions including Signature, GT, Timeless or  Bespoke. Rimac Automobili is only making 150 models of the hypercar and each will be priced around $2.4 million.