Ola Electric Commences Construction of India's Largest Cell Factory

June 21, India: Ola Electric, India’s leading electric vehicle company, has set in motion the construction of the country’s largest Gigafactory. To mark this milestone, the company installed the first pillar of its cell factory in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu.

This factory is set to revolutionise the manufacturing landscape and transform the electric mobility sector in India.

The Gigafactory will be spread across 115 acres with an initial output capacity of 5 GWh, the operations are expected to begin next year. The factory will be further expanded in phases up to 100 GWh at full capacity. Post the commencement of its operations, it would be India’s biggest cell factory, and at full capacity, will be one of the world’s largest cell manufacturing facilities.

As per the official press release by the company, Bhavish Aggarwal, Founder and CEO, Ola said, “Our Gigafactory will be a major milestone in India’s electrification journey, bringing us closer to making India a global EV hub. With our focus on innovation, technology, and manufacturing at scale, we are committed to driving the future of electric and #EndICEAge.”

The Ola Gigafactory is not just in line with the company’s ambition of fostering their EVs but is also a significant step towards realising India's potential of becoming a global EV hub. Ola’s aim is to localise all the elements of the EV value chain and empower the nation with self-reliance, along with bolstering the growth of electric vehicles in the country.

The company has substantially invested in cell & battery research and development and has also established one of the world’s largest and highly advanced cell R&D facilities in Bangalore. The company’s Battery Innovation Centre is equipped with cutting edge technology which acts as the cornerstone for core cell tech development and battery innovation.

Moreover, the company has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Tamil Nadu in order to expand its manufacturing capabilities across two wheelers, four wheelers and cells. As part of this investment, Ola will set up an electric vehicle hub which will amalgamate advanced cell and electric vehicle manufacturing facilities, vendor & supplier parks, to provide a larger ecosystem for Evs at a single location.

With this significant move, Ola Electric, being the leading electric mobility platform in India has further enhanced sustainable mobility in the country and has contributed towards  India’s electrification journey, thereby bringing the nation closer towards making it a global EV hub.