Nyobolt Launches EV “HOLY GRAIL” With 6 Minutes Ultra-Fast Charging

June 13, United Kingdom: Nyobolt, a UK-based developer of ultra-fast-charging batteries, has revealed that its latest battery technology can revolutionise electric vehicles. The company has come up with a vehicle that can charge fully in less than 6 minutes, thereby setting up a new record in automotive electrification.

As per the Nyobolt, most EV batteries are enormous and costly, making these vehicles often weigh over two tonnes. This also makes EV costs scale to unreachable prices for EV buyers. The necessity for heavy EV battery packs puts up a huge strain on the supply of raw materials.

As per the official press release by the company, Nyobolt is setting up a new trend in the electric vehicle battery industry by revealing new battery technology that is smaller and lighter in size and moreover can  be fully charged in just six minutes. This breakthrough would contribute to more efficient EV battery production with a lower up-front cost, low running costs and less use of scarce raw materials.

Nyobolt’s latest EV “Holy Grail'' weighs nearly one tonne, uses a 35kWh battery and is capable of fully charging in less than 6 minutes with existing charging infrastructure, along with delivering a range of 250km.

Nyobolt also claims that it has tested its batteries for over 2,000 fast-charge cycles without significant performance loss, thereby paving the way for the development of ultra-efficient and lightweight EVs. Moreover, Nyobolt’s technology is not restricted to small batteries, but also to the batteries that are deployed in trucks or buses, which could be charged in a few minutes, once 1MW chargers become available.

As per the official press release by Nyobolt, Sai Shivareddy, CEO, Nyobolt said, “Unlocking the challenges faced by electric vehicle designers has been key to the development of our breakthrough fast-charging batteries. Previously, enabling a lightweight fast-charging vehicle was not possible without compromising its lifetime and so people have been relying on costly and large battery packs in the vehicle. With our unique technology, we have achieved a six-minute charge car and developed smaller battery packs that can deliver more power and charge in less time.” “Our partnership with CALLUM shows how the adoption of system-level technology innovations can transform the future of electric vehicles and increase the accessibility of EVs, including to the 40% of UK households who can’t charge their vehicle at home overnight”, he further added.

The development of such ultra fast charging batteries can revolutionise the global EV industry. Along with being compact and easily rechargeable, these batteries can scale up the EV adoption in many countries. Also, the launch of Holy Grail can further contribute towards automotive electrification by creating a benchmark for other automakers.