MINI Unveils Next Generation Electric Vehicle: The MINI Cooper Electric

03 May 2023: MINI has unveiled the latest addition to its family, the MINI Cooper Electric, representing the next generation of the iconic 3-door vehicle. Designed for an electric driving experience, the new model is offered in two power variants, delivering an excitingly agile ride and promoting premium, emission-free mobility for urban environments.

The upcoming 3-door MINI lineup will feature two electric models: the MINI Cooper E and MINI Cooper SE. The MINI Cooper E will be equipped with a 135 kW powertrain and a 40.7 kWh battery, while the MINI Cooper SE will have a 160 kW powertrain and a larger 54.2 kWh battery. Both models are estimated to travel between 300 and 400 kms on a single charge with these specs.

The MINI Cooper Electric demonstrates the classic MINI space concept, highlighting the versatility of a purpose-built vehicle. Its interior design provides ample flexibility, featuring four seats and expandable luggage compartment volume. The new MINI Cooper E and MINI Cooper SE will be manufactured in Leipzig, Germany, starting from November 2023.

The new MINI Cooper Electric is a significant step forward for the automotive industry, combining the iconic design and driving fun of a MINI with the sustainability and efficiency of an all electric vehicle. It represents a clear commitment to the future of all electric driving and sets a new standard for eco-friendly mobility.