Mahindra Announces 5 Electric SUVs; To Hit Roads As early As 2025

Mahindra is aiming to go big in the EV market in India pertaining to its recent announcement of launching 5 electric SUVs under two brand categories; XUV and BE (Born Electric). The company has unveiled the looks of its two models, the XUV.e8 and XUV.e9. In a virtual event this Independence day, the company revealed plans for their upcoming electric cars and also showcased their novel EV oriented brand BE (Born Electric). The company also introduced its new INGLO skateboard platform for its upcoming electric cars. The sub brand BE will bring three models, BE.05, BE.07 and BE.09 each based on the INGLO platforms but differing in other specifications like range, battery capacity etc.

Apart from teasing the pictures of the upcoming two XUV models, the company also unveiled the physical aspects of the XUV.e8 and XUV.e9. The XUV.e8 will boast a smaller coupish design with led lamp strips on the front and the rear, the car will come with a length of 4,740mm, a width of 1,900mm and the car will be 1,760mm in height making it 45mm longer, 10mm wider and 5mm taller than its predecessor XUV700. In addition to these features, It will have a wheelbase of 2,762 mm. The XUV.e9 on the other hand will be 4,790mm in length, 1,905mm wide and 1,690mm tall with a wheelbase of 2,775mm.

As far as the BE models are concerned, the company is planning to launch the three models in successive years from 2025. The company, upon revealing the physical features of these models mentioned, the BE.05 will have dimensions of 4370 x 1900 x 1635 mm (L x W x H) and a wheelbase measuring 2775 mm. The BE.07’s dimensions stand at 4565 x 1900 x 1660 mm (L x W x H) along with a wheelbase similar to the previous model. The dimensions  of the more premium model BE.09 are yet to be revealed by the company.

During the event, the company also highlighted some interesting features of its new INGLO platform mentioning that, the platform will have “class-leading safety standards, exhilarating performance, excellent range and efficiency, exemplary driving dynamics, versatility, and intelligent HMI.” The powerful platform will enable the cars to go from 0-100 kmph in just 5 seconds and powers the car upto 250 kW.