Magna Advances Electric Driveline Systems with eDecoupler Production for German OEM

01 August 2023: Magna, a renowned leader in advancing electric driveline systems and powertrain technologies, has recently announced a groundbreaking milestone in the automotive industry. The company is commencing the production of a revolutionary eDecoupling unit, which is set to support multiple BEV programs for a German premium OEM.

The eDecoupling unit is an exceptional bolt-on stand-alone solution for BEVs, demonstrating Magna's unwavering commitment to efficiency, safety, dynamics, and convenience. This cutting-edge technology incorporates an electro-magnetic system that efficiently disconnects the electric motor from the driveshaft in electric vehicles during periods when propulsion power is not required. As a result, energy consumption is significantly reduced, leading to a remarkable increase in overall efficiency. One of the most remarkable advantages of the eDecoupling unit is its ability to enhance the electric driving range of BEVs by up to an impressive 9%. This is achieved by minimising drag torque losses from the e-motor and gearbox, while the eDecoupling controls software seamlessly manages all shifting sequences.

In an official press release by the company, Diba Ilunga, President, Magna Powertrain stated, “Our new and innovative modular eDecoupling unit aligns perfectly with OEMs’ in-house manufacturing strategies for electric drive systems. Due to the compact design of the unit, we’ve successfully minimised added package space and weight in both axial and radial direction, which has helped ensure that it can be scalable for use across electric and hybrid vehicles from B segment up to SUVs and LCVs.”

The eDecoupling unit boasts several customer-oriented features, including superior NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) behaviour achieved through seamless integration via powertrain controls, compact packaging, and a rapid activation time of less than 100 milliseconds. Production of this groundbreaking technology will take place at Magna's advanced powertrain facility in Lannach, Austria, ensuring top-notch quality and precision.

Notably, this is just the beginning for Magna, as the company is also working on an entire family of decoupling units that will soon enter mass production in BEV secondary eDrive applications. With such innovative advancements in the electric driveline technology, Magna is at the forefront of shaping the future of electric mobility and driving the industry towards a more sustainable and efficient direction.