Ford Unveils All-New Electric Explorer For The European Market

March 21, 2023: Ford Motor introduced its first all-new electric vehicle designed solely for the European market, utilising the iconic Explorer nameplate to enhance its appeal. The electric crossover is a key element of Ford’s strategy to fully shift its European range to electric vehicles by 2030.

The Explorer marks the beginning of an exciting series of new electric vehicles from the company and paves the way for a complete transformation of the Ford brand in Europe. This mid-size crossover vehicle boasts a spacious interior with two rows of seats, accommodating up to five passengers, and comes equipped with all the necessary features to inspire families to embark on thrilling adventures.

Ford is set to release the Explorer EV in two versions later this year - Explorer and Explorer Premium, both priced at less than 45,000 euros as per the company’s announcement.

In an official press release by Ford, Martin Sander, General Manager of Ford's European EV business said, “Explorer is a trailblazer for a new breed of exciting Ford electric vehicles. Steeped in our American roots but built in Cologne for our customers in Europe, it is road trip-ready for the big adventures and fully loaded with everything our customers will need for their daily drives.”

The all-electric Explorer is an exceptional product, engineered and built in Germany to deliver an unparalleled digital experience that keeps drivers and passengers connected and comfortable while on the go. The vehicle boasts an impressive array of features, including a SYNC Move super-sized movable touchscreen, a fully connected infotainment system, wireless app integration, and advanced driver assistance technology.

Ford’s introduction of the all-new electric Explorer designed exclusively for the European market is a significant milestone in the company’s transition to EVs. The Explorer marks the beginning of a new era for the Ford brand in Europe, as the company continues to innovate and deliver exciting new products to its customers.