Cool Planet Group Makes A Major EV Transition With A Fleet of 8,500 Trucks

June 02, Ireland: Cool Planet Group, a leading energy service company based in Ireland is all set to transform its 8,500 diesel-powered mining trucks into electric vehicles over the span of next three years. As per the company claims, the initiative is reportedly worth around 50 million euros.

For this mass transition, the remodelling is to be carried out at the company’s recently completed plant in Wicklow, Ireland, and at another plant in Portugal.

At the media event, CEO Cool Planet, Norman Crowley said, “Literally in the last week, we secured our first order for 8,500 trucks. It’s a very large mining group. There will be more orders on top of that. Some of them will be built in Powerscourt, but Powerscourt is not the type of place that lends itself to 8,500 and maybe more trucks rolling around it, so some of them will be built in a new factory in Ireland, and some of them in Portugal.”

In order to remain in line with its net - zero vision, the company has set up an energy efficiency division ‘Electrifi', that aims to convert classic luxury cars into electric vehicles. Moreover, regarding its electromobility transition vision, the company is also working on providing new electric vehicles for the mining industry.

As per N. Cowley,” during Covid -19 pandemic, the CP Group got approached by one of the biggest mining companies in the world to convert a pickup truck to electric, and what that has led to, is a massive opportunity where we are now working with five or six of the largest mining companies in the world, and we’ve developed a bunch of vehicles that are electric, don’t emit diesel particulate matter and are much safer. These vehicles have collision avoidance systems, so they can’t run people over.”

Through virtue of all these measures, Cool Planet Group, being a global leader in industrial-scale decarbonisation, is pushing the boundaries of sustainability by delivering products, services and solutions across the globe that contribute in tackling climate change.