Amazon and Rivian Collaborate to Electrify European Delivery Fleet with Cutting-Edge Vans

3 July, 2023: Amazon has unveiled its inaugural fleet of Rivian Electric Delivery Vans, marking a significant milestone in its European expansion plans. Over the next few weeks, a staggering number of 300 vans will embark on their journeys across Germany. These state-of-the-art electric vehicles are set to revolutionise package deliveries in prominent urban centres such as Munich, Berlin, and Dusseldorf. By introducing these vans, Amazon is not only broadening its operational footprint but also contributing to the ongoing electrification of Europe's transportation infrastructure.

In an official press release by Rivian, Dagan Mishoulam, Rivian VP, Strategy & Go To Market stated, “We’re thrilled to see the EDV rolling out in Germany today. This vehicle was designed in conjunction with our partners at Amazon and not only puts driver convenience and safety first, but also the environment. We’ve had incredible feedback from drivers in the US and we're excited to start international expansion in Germany. Today is a real milestone for us as it also marks the first Rivian vehicles in Europe and we’re very excited about our future in the region.”

Amazon initiated the rollout of Rivian's vans in the United States last summer, resulting in a robust fleet of over 3,000 Rivians effectively delivering packages across more than 500 markets. With a visionary target in mind, Amazon has placed an order for an impressive 100,000 vans from Rivian, aiming to fulfil this ambitious goal by 2030.

In an effort to enhance their delivery capabilities, Amazon initiated delivery trials in Europe with Rivian pre-production vehicles. Rivian utilised the valuable feedback received from these tests to incorporate upgrades that enhance the vehicle's performance, safety, comfort, functionality, and durability. To accommodate European roads more effectively, the Rivian delivery vans in Europe have been specially designed to be shorter and narrower than their U.S. counterparts.

The introduction of Amazon's inaugural fleet of Rivian Electric Delivery Vans in Germany marks a significant step forward in the company's European expansion strategy. With 300 electric vans hitting the roads of prominent urban centres like Munich, Berlin, and Dusseldorf, Amazon is not only expanding its operational reach but also actively contributing to the ongoing electrification of Europe's transportation infrastructure.