UK Launches Freight Energy Forum To Achieve Net Zero Emissions By 2050

5 April, 2023: A fresh government-industry initiative, The Freight Energy Forum has been launched, aimed at promoting the freight sector's transition towards achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and securing its sustainable future. The main objective of this forum is to identify workable solutions that can help the sector to reduce its emissions in the short term while creating a strategic plan for the future deployment of clean energy infrastructure.

To achieve this, the Freight Energy Forum will bring together leading figures from the energy and freight industries to discuss critical topics, including energy supply and demand, infrastructure requirements, and regional coverage. The forum will maintain a technology-neutral stance and hold quarterly meetings to develop a roadmap for clean energy infrastructure and review any regulatory impediments. The Freight Energy Forum will deliberate on viable options that the freight sector can adopt to commence immediate reduction of emissions.

Chaired by officials from the Department for Transport, the Freight Energy Forum will comprise of high-ranking representatives from various government bodies, such as the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, and the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero.

In a statement published on GOV.UK, Transport Minister, Richard Holden said, “We recognise that the transition to clean fuels is one of the biggest challenges facing the freight sector and we are committed to delivering a strong future for the sector that will help create good long-term jobs. Clean energy supplies and infrastructure is critical to the drive for a cleaner freight sector and the Freight Energy Forum will address those longer-term challenges across the whole industry”.

The launch of Freight Energy Forum is a major step towards achieving a sustainable and net zero emission future for the freight sector. The forum’s technology neutral stance and collaboration between government officials and industry leaders will help identify viable solutions that can facilitate the sector’s transition to clean energy.